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Issue 10

Engaging Citizen Scientists to Advance Biomedical Research

On July 14th, the NIH Citizen Science Working Group held an NIH-focused symposium to engage and excite NIH staff about citizen science and crowdsourcing, and how these methods could be incorporated into their research portfolios. A summary and related materials are in the works and will be shared via CitSciBio once ready. Watch the videocast here

Insect-Borne Pathogens Threaten Crops

From the NIH Record: "One common insect-borne disease, bacterial wilt of cucurbits, is of particular interest to Dr. Roberto Kolter, a microbiology professor at Harvard Medical School, who delivered the Wednesday Afternoon Lecture recently. His lab is studying the evolution of this fatal plant disease, an annual epidemic in the northeastern United States. It’s a story of old world meets new world, microbiology and anthropology, food security and health...In a field with scarce funding, Dr. Lori Shapiro in Kolter’s lab has turned to citizen science. Working with Prof. Rob Dunn of North Carolina State University, Shapiro is recruiting students to plant cucurbits in school gardens with the goal of involving 5,000 schools." Read more...

NIEHS Exposure Science and the Exposome Webinar Series

How Citizen Science Air Quality Monitoring is Being Used to Characterize Exposures and Improve Public Health

Register here

Michael Heimbinder, Ph.D., Founder & Executive Director of HabitatMap

Tuesday, Aug 22, 2017

11:00 am – 12:30 pm EDT


Empowered Communities for a Healthier Nation Initiative Washington State University is seeking applicants for a tenure track Associate Professor level position within the Partnerships for Native Health (P4NH) program within the Initiative for Research and Education to Advance Community Health (IREACH), a new initiative centered on health disparities research among Native, Latino, and rural populations. For more information and to apply:

Postdoctoral Researcher in Youth STEM learning at the The Natural History Museum in London. For more info and to apply: click here.

Citizen Science Program Coordinator at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County. For more info and to apply: click here.

2018 Australian Citizen Science Assocation Conference Announced Taking place in Adelaide, South Australia, February 7-9, 2018, the conference organizers have announced two keynote speakers: Amy Robinson Sterling. The ACSA also have a new website, so check it out to keep up with their developments: or follow them on twitter (@CitSciOz) using hashtag #CitSciOz18.


Crowdsourcing and Citizen Science: Investigating Data Quality and Utility "...Perhaps the better question is not of data quality, but of data utility. How useful is the data collected? Can the data be used again in another way to help another project? How does the data benefit the community most impacted by its use? How does the data impact metadata, ethics, or logistics?" Last month, CitSciBio admin Katrina guest blogged for NIH's Data Science blog: read more...



A bibliography of journal articles, book selections, and other publicly available references pertaining to (primarily) biomedical citizen science: to access, click here. This bibliography of FREE full text articles available through the National Library of Medicine (NLM).


Facilitating access to health research through a participatory research register: a feasibility study in outpatient clinics.

Assessment of stormwater runoff management practices and BMPs under soil sealing: A study case in a peri-urban watershed of the metropolitan area of Rome (Italy).

Using community-based participatory research and organizational diagnosis to characterize relationships between community leaders and academic researchers.

Mapping urban air quality in near real-time using observations from low-cost sensors and model information.


KDD 2017

Aug 13 - 17

Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

Vertica Big Data Conference 2017

Aug 28 - 31

Boston, MA

Game On 2017

Sept 6 -7

Institute of Technology Carlow, Carlow, Ireland

Data Visualization Summit

Sept 6 - 7

Boston, MA

4th Annual Gamification & Digital Engagement Strategies for Business Results

Sept 19 - 21

Chicago, IL

Austin Game Conference

Sept 21 - 22

Austin, TX

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