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  1. Mar 13 2018

    Sackler Colloquium on Creativity and Collaboration: Revisiting Cybernetic Serendipity

        From http://www.nasonline.org/Sackler-Creativity-Collaboration: Our ambition is to redirect the history of ideas, restoring the Leonardo-likeclose linkage between...


  2. Jan 31 2018

    Digital Citizen Summit: The New Citizen-Driven Approach

    From govexec.com: Digital services are here for the long-haul, and the federal government must act fast to keep pace.What’s the checklist government must follow to ensure a...


  3. Bringing a Taste of Crowdsourcing to Bioscience

    10 Oct 2017 | Posted by Katrina Theisz

    By Nicole L. Garneau, PhD, Curator and Chair of the Health Sciences Department and PI of the NIH SEPA-Funded Genetics of Taste Lab at the Denver Museum of Nature &...


  4. Engaging Citizen Scientists to Advance Biomedical Research

    03 Oct 2017 | Workshops, Meetings, & Conferences | Contributor(s): Katrina Theisz, NIH Citizen Science Working Group

    A symposium on biomedical citizen science and crowdsourcing, to excite and engage NIH staff about using citizen science and crowdsourcing to engage public participation in scientific...


  5. Jun 16 2017

    Awesome Con

    Washington D.C.'s Comic Con!


  6. Regina Wu

    OUR MISSIONSoundBio is a community of amateur and professional science enthusiasts dedicated to promoting science education, providing access to biotechnology, and fostering self-learning in order...


  7. Standing on the shoulders of giants: Why knowledge management matters for genomics and precision medicine.

    30 May 2017 | Presentations | Contributor(s): Andrew Su, Ginger Tsueng (Contributor)

    Seminar by Dr. Andrew Su, The Scripps Research Institute, La Jolla, CA. October 17, 2016 Dr. Su discusses the importance of knowledge management for biomedical discovery, delving into his...


  8. Research Literature: A new entry point for biomedical citizen science

    24 May 2017 | Presentations | Contributor(s): Ginger Tsueng

    Biomedical literature represents one of the largest and fastest growing collections of unstructured biomedical knowledge and finding critical information buried in the literature remains a huge...


  9. Global Mosquito Alert: UN Backed Citizen Science Platform to Fight Mosquito-Borne Diseases

    16 May 2017 | Posted by Elizabeth Tyson

    By Elizabeth Tyson     With the summer approaching, so are the mosquitoes. A UN-backed global platform will align citizen scientists from around the world to track and control...


  10. Mar 07 2017


    from the website:The San Diego Citizen Science Expo will be held at the La Jolla Public Library on March 11th, 2017. The program and a list of participating projects is still being...


  11. Feb 25 2017


     From the website:The practice of citizen science offers a set of challenging questions to computer scientists. How can we ensure data quality from transient, anonymous volunteers whose...


  12. Digital Tools for Citizen Science

    Collections | 30 Dec 2016 | Posted by Katrina Theisz

    From Dylan Rees on GitHub:    "...a curated list of awesome software and other resources to enable those who want to use scientific tools to empower communities and/or practice...


  13. Helpful CitSci Links- handout

    30 Dec 2016 | Documents | Contributor(s): Katrina Theisz


  14. Aug 31 2016

    EASST/4S 2016 Conference 'Science and Technology by Other Means'

    EASST and 4S are two scholarly societies dedicated to the study of science, technology and society (STS). The joint 2016 conference will focus on the ways in which science and technology are...


  15. Jun 24 2016

    Connect, Discover and Expand Citizen Science: June 24, 2016

       Connect, Discover and Expand Citizen Science:  What will it take to realize the potential of citizens’ contributions to the science underlying environmental and human...


  16. CitSciBio.org- The Biomedical Citizen Science Hub

    13 May 2016 | Presentations | Contributor(s): Katrina Theisz, Jennifer Couch, Elizabeth Gillanders

    Abstract: In an effort to help connect the widely dispersed practitioners and resources of biomedical citizen science, NIH have teamed up with HUBzero to build the Biomedical Citizen Science...


  17. CitSciBio.org- The Biomedical Citizen Science Hub (poster handout)

    13 May 2016 | Presentations | Contributor(s): Katrina Theisz, Elizabeth Gillanders, Jennifer Couch


  18. Gabriel

    I am interested in innovative ways of advancing scientific research.


  19. Katrina Theisz

    I'm a Program Analyst within the Structural Biology and Molecular Applications Branch of the Division of Cancer Biology, National Cancer Institute, National Institutes of Health. I'm also...