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  1. May 17 2017

    Citizen Science Association 2017

  2. Meet the Feds! at CSA 2017

    16 May 2017 | Contributor(s):: Katrina Theisz

    Meet the Feds packet includes: Directory of Federal attendees of CSA 2017Slides from "Meet the Feds" sessionSchedule of events and presentations involving Federal participantsExtra materials from agencies

  3. Apr 16 2016

    National Citizen Science Day 2016

    From the CSA website: CSA is excited to be sponsoring and coordinating a nationwide...

  4. Citizen Science Association 2015 Biomed Panel Intro

    21 Dec 2015 | | Contributor(s):: Jennifer Couch, Katrina Theisz (Contributor), Ishwar Chandramouli (Contributor)

    Introduction to the panel:   

  5. Dec 11 2015

    CSA Board Nominations due Dec 31

    For more info on how to nominate candidates click here: