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Meet Our Intern- Erin Saybolt: Biomedical Innovation Intern

Hi everyone! My name is Erin Saybolt and I am the new Biomedical Innovation Intern working with CitSciBio.

A little bit about me- I am currently a senior undergraduate student at Ursinus College. I am pursuing a Bachelor’s of Science in Biology with a minor in Politics. At Ursinus, I am a Senior Fellow and Head Gold Ambassador in the Office of Admissions, a member of the field hockey team, and President of Beta Beta Beta, Biological Honors Society.

In my (little) free time, I enjoy spending time outdoors, walking my dog and catching up on the latest Netflix shows. I have a passion for science and its application in society- which is why I am thrilled to be joining the CitSciBio team this year!

During my time in undergrad, I have taken classes such as Innovation in Biology, Stem Cell Biology, Biomedical Ethics and Health Ethics. I also have experience working in a research lab on campus, studying the cardiac effects of pregnancy in mice. I have loved my time in academia yet am fascinated by the application of science into everyday life.

That is where citizen science and crowdsourcing comes in. Both citizen science and crowdsourcing have allowed science to connect to more people than ever before. Having people directly involved in an experiment and sharing information gives them an intimate connection with science. I am excited for the future of science with citizen science and crowdsourcing!

Citizen science and crowdsourcing are changing the way science is applied in the world. I am excited to help promote CitSciBio and connect with the biomedical open innovation community!

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