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  1. Jun 12 2018

    28th World Congress on Biosensors

  2. Jun 09 2018

    Nation of Makers Conference (NOMCON)

    taken from A national gathering of leaders representing the breadth of the maker movement, the Nation of Makers Conference ("NOMCON") aims to spark and increase...

  3. Feb 05 2018

    HHS Startup Day

    From event has been designed to open the doors to the startup and entrepreneur community.  Our target market is those companies and...

  4. Oct 01 2016

    World Maker Faire New York

  5. Humanoid robot arm

    07 Jan 2016 | Contributor(s):: powderly, Ishwar Chandramouli (Contributor)

    From the website:"The following is Instructions for assembling the first generation robot arm that I am developing for the Eyebeam Atelier AiR program as part of an animatronic self-portrait. This arm has 4 degrees-of-freedom (DOF) from the wrist to the shoulder, runs at less than 20 W and...