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  1. Jun 12 2017

    Science of Team Science Conference

  2. The Science of Team Science conference: 2016

    14 Jun 2016 | Posted by Katrina Theisz

    This year’s SciTS conference took place in Phoenix, AZ. Given that I live in Maryland and we were nearing the end of over a month of rain, visiting the desert was a lovely break from the...

  3. Biomedical Citizen Science- SciTS 2015

    06 Apr 2016 | Contributor(s):: Katrina Theisz, Jennifer Couch, Nih Citizen Science Working Group

    The National Institutes of Health (NIH) Citizen Science working group is interested investigating the utility of and furthering the incorporation of citizen science methodologies into biomedical research in a way that maintains NIH’s high level of scientific and ethical standards. The...

  4. Team Science Toolkit

    Collections | 21 Dec 2015 | Posted by Katrina Theisz

    Resources and more for those interested in the science of team science.